Friday, November 4, 2011

Thoughts about time and gratitude.

You know you have finally become an adult, when your to do list keeps getting longer despite working from sun-up to sun-down. It seems like every job I do reminds me of two more I wanted to get done.

I remember being newly married and thinking, "Wow, life just got busier", now that I am a new mother I am having the same thoughts "Wow, life just got busier". Now that I have twins I feel I can say that two times over. Some days I just snuggle my little men and I refuse to feel guilty doing that, but it sure doesn't help the to do list.

Anyone else not have enough time in the day? I'm sure if I asked a room full of people this question everyone would raise their hand. I just looked at the clock and realized it is 4:15 PM. I had to double take because I thought it was 2!

Amazingly I don't feel sorry/bad, or resentful for my responsiblities or chores. I guess that is because my parents taught me to work hard. Both my mom and dad are constantly working. Whether at their job, in their yard, or around the house. It seems like their to do list is just as long as mine. I'm thankful that both Taylor and I have hard working parents who instilled that same work ethic in us.

I'm thankful I have two hands to work with. I'm thankful that my two hands allow me to take care of two of God's children. I know my greatest accomplishment will be them. I'm sure every mother has the same sentiments, but it doesn't make it anyless true for them or me.

This week it seems like I have compared myself to every women out there! I found all sorts of little things to be depressed about that I wasn't doing or accomplishing. It's amazing how all of the little things add up to be big things and suddenly you find yourself crying with an empty box of milk duds. You go to reach for more milk duds and realize they are all gone. This little break in your routine has you wondering where the time went, how you got there, and who has eaten all of your milk duds??? Well my situation didn't happen exactly like this, but I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about!

I find that as I am wallowing in self pity, I have a pop of light. As a mom these pops of light generally come when one of my boys is crying and I go to pick him up and instantly he stops and smiles. At that moment you see it in his eyes that everything will be ok because his mom is there and he is not alone.

Some of us still have earthly parents we can turn to, but most importantly we have a father in heaven who knows us better than anyone else and will not leave us alone. I am especially grateful that I have this knowledge. We are not alone.

Well in the time it took to type this post I thought about 2 other things to add to the list, but I can cross "blog" off. A baby just woke up, and the washer just finished. Time to get back to work.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Twins Blessing

We were able to bless the twins on October 9th. It was such a special day. My aunt and grandma from back east were able to come, not to mention countless other family members. Our family and friends really made it something special! Taylor did a great job with the blessings. He made them different enough, and blessed them with some beautiful things.

October 9th is also my deceased Grandpa's birthday. This along with other things too precious to mention here made the day so special and priceless. Since I can't really explain the day and the feelings I had I will just share pictures.

The 2nd and 3rd pictures are how the day ended...BEST Day ever!