Friday, March 21, 2008

The Pictures.

If you see above there is a poll. Please help Taylor and I choose our engagement picture.

Here is Picture 1

Here is Picture 2:

Here is Picture 3:

AZ and fun in the Sun

This past weekend Tay and I went to Arizona with my Mom & Dad to visit family. It was such a great time. I miss not having them closer. Love you guys! My nephews are growing up so quickly! They are close in age and it's funny to see how different they are. The youngest one, Henry is so full of life and daring. He is such a happy kid to. He'll start to play with a toy and if his older brother wants it, he know to throw it in one direction and run the other way! Clark his older brother is so thoughtful. He seems to always find a way to do something! Look at the size of that ice cream! Clark loves his chocolate!

While in Arizona we took some pictures, and I think we found our engagement pictures. So I need your vote. Vote on which picture you think is the best one. We have narrowed it down to 3 so good luck, and happy voting!

Friday, March 14, 2008

This week has been somewhat of a rock n' roll week. Starting last friday, I got to cash in on a christmas present and go see Linkin Park in concert. I can still remember the first time that I heard one of their songs, where I was, what I was doing, so it was fun to finally see them in concert. I have to say, for having nearly 8 years of build-up, they did not let me down. From the time the concert started with those first few notes of "What I've Done", til the time they left the stage for good nearly 2 hours later, they impressed. There were not one but two encores, they played all of the songs that you would expect them to play, and I actually ended up finding a couple of new songs that I liked after seeing them performed live. I think that is truly the clue that you are watching a good band. They take a song that you might not like when you are just listening to it on their CD, and they put energy into it when you see it in person. The song almost comes alive.

After the concert, Mike and I met up with Ashley and many other people at Lori and Kevin's house. They were already up there for Chris' Birthday party, and they had been playing the newest video game craze - ROCK BAND!!! When guitar hero came out nearly 2 years ago, it was awesome. Well Rock Band has simply built upon that, by adding a microphone and a drumset. You get to name your band, and then play for fans, money and fame - just like a real rock star. Unlike Guitar Hero, you actually rely on the other band members for your success. If you have a drummer that just doesn't make the grade... you won't be playing a large show anytime soon. Just one night at Rock Band has made me want to buy an XBOX just so that I can play.

The last rockstar thing that Ashley and I did may not sound very rockstarish in the beginning. Ashley for the long time now, has really liked Mehmet Okur's hair. To me, it just looks like he rolled out of bed and came to play ball, but it seems to work for him. Now I have curly hair, and Memo has straight, so Ashley had only one solution. Straighten my hair with a flat iron. Well, I didn't come out and look like Memo, but I did learn that my hair looks pretty sweet when it's straightened.

Anyway - this week has taught me one thing. We all have a little rockstar in us, it just takes different things to make it show!