Wednesday, August 27, 2008

79 More Hours

Only 79 more hours to go until the big day!!!

Can you smell that? There's something in the air, and I'm pretty sure it's a winning season!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So are good friends Kev and Lo invited us to go to DI one day. I think they wanted to buy a bike for Lo's nephew who was visiting for a couple of days. I wasn't looking to buy anything but came home with this dresser. It was old, dirty, smelly, and just all in all terrible looking. I'm sad to say I don't have a picture of it.

We bought it for $20, and let me just say it wasn't the easiest thing to convince Taylor to let me buy. It came with 9 drawers but I wanted Taylor to rip out the middle drawer section and create shelves. I don't think he was too happy about it.

$10 dollars later, and lot's of big, manly tools and sweat, spray paint and stain, and a little dream we have a dresser that will go below are TV in our new house. It will house all of the DVD, XBOX and other components we may have, and DVD's. I'm so excited I think it has turned out FABULOUS!!! I love it because it's so different and unique. I mean it looks straight out of the 70's and in a year I might hate it, but for now it's perfect!

Here's a close up of one of the drawers. I took it with my camera phone so don't mind the blur...

Thanks Taylor for making something I wanted a reality!! Love you long time!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Challenge You to a Duel!

So I like to have fun. The way that I see it, if you go through life to seriously, it's going to pass you by and you won't have enjoyed it one bit. So I try to have in whatever I am doing. Now given the fact that I work in a call center, taking member calls day in and day out, I sometimes have to create my own fun. Well, the other day, I was chatting with a co-worker about his motorcycle. There is a picture that can be seen here. Now, a couple of months ago, he made Raul, another co-worker, a bet that he would be able to get the motorcyle running and drive it to work the next day. Well, 2 months later, and we still have yet to see the motorcycle at work. So the other day, I decided to call him on that. I told him that since he had never brought it to work, that he owed Raul a steak dinner (the terms of their bet). He didn't see it the same way. You see, Richie's idea of running and the rest of humanity's idea of running are very different. Richie believes that if the bike will start and he can pull it out of his driveway, it's running. So we ask him why it won't make it to work, and the reasons vary from, it's leaking gas, to it only goes 25 mph right now.
Since he refused to pay for the dinner, I proposed an alternate solution to our prediciment. In an effort of defending his honor amongst his peers, he would challenge Raul to a duel - Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr style. We wouldn't be using pistols, because there is a state law prohibiting that. So we decided to use nerf guns. We would hold the duel at our lunch time and Richie would have one chance to defend his honor. If he lost, he would no longer be respected.
We had them line up back to back and take 10 ten paces, turn and fire. When I devised this whole thing in my head, I guess I didn't take into account that both were terrible aims. The only time that they were able to hit anything was two accidental mis-fires at my self and Jill. In the end, Richie defended his honor, Raul shot Jill in the head, and I got got gunned down by both of them. It was a fun little event that should remind everyone to relax and just have fun with life.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Lo!!!

Lo has been my best friend for years now. I won't tell you "what" made us friends, but it was something we laughed at then, and we just haven't stopped laughing! We have been best friends (not just for now Lo!) and will continue for the rest of our lives. ( it's a verbal contract Lo, it has to happen now)

She's so fun to be around. She's caring. I remember so many times where she has voiced a concern or been worried about someone or something, and I have thought to myself... seriously? You are still worried about that?

Here's a few memories I have of her and even though you won't think they are funny she will....And let's be honest it's all about her today. It's her birthday!!!

1. Karate Kicks at Bishop Evan's house
2. Swimming every saturday 2 summer's ago
4. "Faith Building" experiences with Binksies, and how you wanted your purse out of the car.
5. MAC counter
6. Falling asleep on the gym's hard wood floor at 2am
7. Buying Breaking Dawn at midnight
8. "Sex on the Beach" snow cones
9. Raging Waters, and your knee incident
10. Your coffee table , and your knee incident
11. Karate kicking in the Johnny Carrino's parking lot and my foot incident
12. The coke factory in Las Vegas
13. Camping!!!
14. Doing your special "walk" across the room
15. Rascal Flatts
16. Studio 600 at Halloween time
17. Birthday extravaganza
18. Girls night when we toliet papered the guy's cars
19. Holding up your wedding dress at the JSMB.
20. Driving down to Studio 600, and how you made me sit by the kid who LOVED to chat, and then you fell asleep
21. Sliding down the big hill at flat iron park in that rain storm
22. "Hey Ash, where ya going?"
23. Bowling, and the "life saver" candy
24. Girl chatsies

24 reason why you are so great! Happy 24th!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

Recipe Blog

I have started a recipe blog where anyone can post their recipes they like.
The address is and there is a post on there that says “How can I contribute?”. If you click on that post it will tell you how to log in, post your own recipes, and also some guidelines on posting. The link is over under "other bloggers I love" so you can go straight there.

Let’s pass this a long to our friends and family and see if we can get some sweet recipes.

Happy Blogging, and Cooking!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So this morning, I was really craving chinese food. I thought about Panda express but all I ever get there is orange chicken and I usually feel sick after I eat it. So I decided to branch out. Recently a place called Chop Stix went out of business and a new restaurant was opened in its place. It's called Bank Dang - but I have changed it to Bang Dang because it's more fun to say.

So at 2:30 Richie and I go over there to get lunch, and we pull up to the drive-thru, and there is a sign taped to the speaker box that says, "drive-thru may not work - please pull to window for order". We picked out what we wanted and then pulled forward. At the window we were greated by two smiling children, ages 11 and 13 probably. It was a boy and a girl, and the boy was wearing a nametag that said 'Jacky'. Well, they didn't really understand that well what we were getting but after a while we got through to them. I then asked if they wanted me to pay now, and they both looked so confused. I should've realized at that point that I should have just driven off and not eaten lunch. But like a fool, I stayed and pulled around to the back of the building like they asked.

After about 10 minutes, I decided to walk inside and see if they were almost done. When I get in there, I notice that what seem to be the parents of these children are running the kitchen and the kids are the front people, mostly because they speak english to some degree. Well, the dad kept coming out to make sure that the kids have everything under control and the little girl would then yell at him in Chinese, basically telling him to get back in the kitchen where he belongs. (I don't speak chinese, but that is what I am thinking she was saying - judging by the tone in her voice of course).

Well we finally get back to work, and we get the food out of the bag. The chicken is blood red, and after a few bites, I find a hair in my food. The thing is, it was a blonde hair, and from what I could tell, no one that was touching the food had blonde hair. That has got to make you wonder. Also, we had a couple of people in the office taste the chicken. It was the toughest chicken I have ever seen, and one kid thinks that he might have hurt his jaw just getting through it. The ham fried rice had an overwhelming smell and taste of smoked ham. The ham also looked rather old as if they had purchased it from a meat store that was just going to throw it.

Needless to say, I was not pleased with my experience at lunch today, and I would highly recommend that no one ever try this restaurant EVER.