Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Happy 25th birthday Taylor! I love you so much and I'm glad you are in my life!

This is a picture of a picture. We went to Baja Cantina in Park City for Taylor's birthday and I just love that they make you wear a sombrero.

Dark and loving it!

Well today was the day I have been looking forward to since July. Not only is it Taylor's birthday, but also I was getting my hair cut and colored.

Well here it is my sassy new do!.....Like I needed any more sass! Don't be a hater, this picture came from my camera phone

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One more thought...TMI

Random thought for today....

Is it just me or does everything slow down when you have to go "number 1"???
I swear it isn't just time that slows down, my computer actually slows down when it "knows" I need to go! I have this thing that I think I will work faster, or get out of a store quicker if I do it on a full bladder or under a deadline.

I am clearly wrong. Don't "do as I'm doing". If you need to go just go, if you don't you will most likely get stuck behind the "slow person" at the check out or your computer will just shut down on you...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Things on my mind...

Well there are a few things on my mind...Actually I have lots going through there. Taylor will ask me what I'm thinking about and get an ear full. Usually it's random and the topics go as quickly as they come... For example we were eating dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen and he asked that fateful question "What are you thinking?" Well I have no idea why I was thinking about sniper's but I was. I was thinking how easy it would be to "take someone out" while they tried to eat the pizza in peace...Then I saw another character wearing a blue jumpsuit. I don't remember what I thought about him at the time, but I know it was something.

The female brain is filled with so many things at any given moment, and I am surprised we remember as much as we do... Trust me I'm going into nursing...I know these things!

Anyways I was thinking this might be a good way to catch up with old friends or let them know the top 10 things I was thinking about this very moment. So post your thoughts on your blog, and maybe a friend will learn something new about you.

1. I am pretty sure I got less than 5 wrong on my first big test of the semester. Phewwwww!!! Glad to have that off my chest, but this semester seems like it is dragging on, and it's just the beginning.

2. I have to close tonight. That makes a very long work day for me, but we are going to the fair and I can't wait. I went for the first time last year and it was so much fun.

3. My parents have been gone visiting family in Arizona for the past week and I am a little jealous.

4. It is Taylor's birthday one week from today. I also get my hair done that day while he goes golfing with his brother and dad. Taylor's birthday means the month is more than half way done/gone....Where did that time go and what did I do with it all.

5. I'm so thankful that I live in the country I do. That I have the right to say I am not voting for Barack Obama among other things.

6. I'm thankful for my job, even on the days I don't like it. Some don't have jobs right now because of the economy and they are wishing they had that "old job" they "hated".

7. I took Jamie's advice and went to Ross. Man I had forgotten how good that store was. I want to go back and buy fall clothes. By the way Jamie, Love the Jacket!! I want one.

8. BYU is playing UCLA tomorrow and I can't wait. It's one game other than the Utah game that I have been looking forward to this season. I like going down, getting a cougar dog or nacho's, and yelling "And that's another Cougar first down."

9. I saw an older man working as a cart attendant at the local grocery store. I want to be like him. He is an older man who could be "retired", but he's still a productive member of society. He gets socialization and exercise all day long. I don't mean to degrade those that can't work for one reason or another, but this situation made me think who looks at me and says they want to be like me or doing something I do? Who am I being an example for today?

10. Can my cuticles really be this dry? I try oils and lotions....I mean really what can you do to get rid of hang nails and dry cuticles? Other things that never seem to go away or really irritate me....How do you fold the fitted sheet for your bed? Everytime I fold them it looks like a balled up mess....Seriously...How do you?

Well those are the top ten things I thought about in the last 15 minutes. What did you think about?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

One Blocked kick...

So as much as a I love to argue with people. This is a no brainer.... BYU won the game because they blocked a kick, not because the "ref's" took the game out of the player's hands because of a call they made.

In every game that can be said about the ref's. They should have called this....or they shouldn't have called that....It can be said for both sides every time....Just get over it.

We'll see you next year Washington! Until then enjoy this!