Friday, April 10, 2009


Everyday I like to see who had updated their blog. I get so excited to check, yet I don't make it a point to update my blog as often as some of those around me. That doesn't seem fair so I will try and be better....

I've been debating whether or not to try and get reasonable tickets to go see Wicked. Did I love it enough when I saw it in New York to drag Taylor to it? Needless to say I love dressing up and going to "grown up" events like plays at the Capital Theater and the Symphony. I'm glad I have such a great husband who loves me enough to go to these things because I love them.

Also another thing to consider. Hannah Montana Movie? To see or not to see? I'll be honest I'm excited to see it. I think I might try and drag Taylor tomorrow afternoon. Sorry babe!

Jicama....Anybody had it recently? I love it. Put it in a salad, eat it plain, salt it....anyway I love it. Get on the band wagon if you haven't tried it! It's the consistency of an apple, just less sweet. I hate water chestnuts though......How do you type the sound of I just threw up in my mouth? UGH UGH UGH! I loathe water chest nuts....

I only have to go to my two classes 7 more times and one of my labs 2 more times then I'm done with this semester. I'm not looking forward to finals though. Once I'm done with this semester I can apply to SLCC's nursing program. Once I get a CNA's license I can apply to Weber, and after the summer semester I can apply to Utah and UVU. Wish me luck!

Thank goodness for the weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So Taylor told me there is a friend who is was looking at the townhomes out by us. I have always thought I needed to be a spokes person for Garbett homes, because despite our bad experiences with our own sales agent we love our home. We love the area, and that a lot of things are standard. I didn't feel like they nickel and dimed us for everything.

Anyways I swear I have downloaded their brochure which gives the floorplans and such at least 10 times, and everytime I do it seems to be different. Well today I looked and realized that I totally knew two people in it.

Kelly and Camille our my neighbors, and they happen to be the proud parents of our dog Ebony's girlfriend Harley. Harley is just a little bigger than Ebony so Ebony seems to be dominated quite a bit, but that's ok.

Camille has made it into 3 other pictures on Garbett's website also. What a star! I didn't realize I was living by such celebrities. I don't know why the picture is so small, but how cool is that!
I love seeing people I know on the internet and such.