Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Creative? A jewelry night is born....

Ok so I got creative and painted Taylor's bathroom. I'm not done yet so there are no pictures, but I'm loving the blue color. Hopefully Taylor does too!

Also in the creative department I have had an ever growing desire to learn to make jewelry. I'm into funky, one of kind stuff hence the need for the skills.

So does anyone know how to make jewelry? I'm a quick learner and feel like I would only need one or two sessions. I think it might be fun to get together and do a girls night and make jewelry, maybe once a month? Remember Bunko your mother's used to play? They would get together have yummy food and laugh all night? Well....NO I don't remember those times, my mom didn't play bunko, but wouldn't it be fun to have a jewelry making night once a month with yummy treats, and lots of laughter?

If you are interested in attending leave a comment. If you would like to teach me, PLEASE leave a comment. If you are blog stalking me, and can teach me to make jewelry PLEASE PLEASE comment. I won't judge!

I will try and find a teacher, if I can't find a teacher I will be forced to find a book with lots of pictures. I do better with "picture" instructions. Then I can invite those who are interested for a night of yummy food, jewelry, and laughter.